The Offspring- spare me the details

my girlfriend, my dumb  donut

went out to a party just the other night

but three hours later, and seven shots of jäger

she was in the bedroom with another guy


and i don't really want to know

so don't tell me anymore

and i really don't want to hear

about her feet all up in the air

I'm not the one who acted like a ho

why must i be the one who has to know

i'm not the one who messed up big time

so spare me the details if you don't mind


now i can understand

friends who want to tell me

think they're gonna help me open up my eyes

but the play-by-play

makes me want to lose it

every time you do it turns the knife


now i don't really want to hear

about the sounds they were making

and i don't need to hear

about how long it was taking

or how the walls they were shaking


now lying in bed, wallowing in sorrow

missing the tomorrow that we could have had

running through my head, over and over

things i never told her now just make me sad


and it drives me insane

sitting with the vision

stuck with that image burned into my brain

and i feel so dumb

that i could ever trust her

while someone else fucked her

then walked away